Mag.a Birgit Habermann, MSc

2.1 Anwendungsorientierte Forschung

Birgit Habermann is KEF coordinator and a research policy and capacity development expert with research background in natural resource management and applied social research as well as participatory methodology in developing countries. She has a magister-degree in ecology from Vienna University and has graduated as MSc in agroforestry from the University of Wales Bangor (UK). She is currently enrolled as a PhD student at the Institute for Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK. She has thus significant experience with networking and research cooperation; preparation of funding proposals; project management; public relations and fundraising in international cooperation. She has a special interest in project development, policy processes and project evaluation in research for development with a focus on the role of research partnerships. She has been involved in research projects in Pakistan, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan and Eastafrica. Her current research interests are the politics of knowledge, epistemologies in knowledge production, and the construction of narratives in natural resource management in Eastafrica.