Prof. Dr. Antonio Hidalgo

WS 2: F&E-Internationalisierungsindikatoren

Antonio HIDALGO was born in Córdoba, Spain, in 1957. He became Industrial Engineer in 1981 al the University of Sevilla and Doctor Engineering in 1992 at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). He has held positions of responsibility in various companies in the public and private sectors. Now he is Professor of Technology Strategy in the Business Administration Department of the UPM, Director of the Master and Doctorate Programme in Economics and Innovation Management, and Director of the Innovation, Industrial Property Rights and Technology Policy research group.

He was expert of the European Commission as technological consultant in the European Innovation Monitoring System (EIMS) and member of the European Technology Assessment Network (ETAN). He is member of several scientific and technical organizations like IAMOT (International Association for Management of Technology), SCIP (Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals) and ALTEC (Latinamerican Association for Technology). He have worked in several EU funded projects (SPRINT, RITTS, PHARE, LEONARDO DA VINCI, DEADE, INNOVATION) and participated as international consultant related to technological innovation and technological transfer in several projects financed by the World Bank and the Interamerican Development Bank (Ministries of Science and Technology of Argentina, Cuba and Romania).

He is author of several books, papers and articles about R&D policy, technological innovation and knowledge transfer. His works have appeared in Production, Planning and Control Journal, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Journal of Technology Transfer, International Journal of Product Development, and International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, R&D Management.