Main Topics and the programme

Monday, July 9: Concepts of innovation, social innovation and innovation research

Tuesday, July 10: Social innovation in social science

Wednesday, July 11: Social innovation in the economic sector (for-profit business and social entrepreneurship)

Thursday, July 12: Social innovation in the public and civil society sectors

Friday, July 13: International trends and strategies

Additional information and events:

  • Throughout the week information will be provided and communication facilitated pertaining to organisations which successfully implemented social innovations in Vienna and neighbouring regions. Such links are established in collaboration with „SozialMarie“, the annual Austrian Social Innovation Award:
  • Matching between participants and local social innovators may take place in various forms: From simple connexion via online communication and information exchange, on to physical meetings at the Summer School, and – as appropriate – visits to sites of social innovation projects. Lists and contact data concerning social innovators willing to communicate and meet will be made available to registered participants.
  • Wednesday evening: Workshop with social innovators – award winners of SozialMarie – from Vienna and neighbouring regions.
  • Thursday evening: Annual Assembly of the „European School of Social Innovation“
  • Friday evening: Final social event in a Viennese wine tavern (“Heuriger” – for information please go to