Günther Ogris, MA

Managing partner and scientific director SORA

Günther Ogris is managing partner and scientific director of SORA, one of Austria’s leading political research and consulting firms. Based in social and political research, SORA uses qualitative and quantitative methods together with complex data analysis as a base for strategic consulting. Günther Ogris has been teaching social science data analysis on several universities, successfully worked as manager in social research and as a political consultant. He published widely on voting behavior, political culture, democracy and other social science areas. Günther Ogris is head of the University Council of the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna and federal board member of Südwind Development Politics.

Teaching: broad teaching experience at universities and non-university institutions (since 1993), co-ordinator of the SOQUA professional development program.

Portfolio: strategic consulting; political, communications and campaign consulting.

Thematic areas: political strategy; political culture hHabitation and quality of life; security research; evidence based policy; Social Impact Assessment.