Venue: Conference Centre Schönbrunn

Venue: Conference Centre Schönbrunn

A historic ambience for modern ideas

The Schönbrunn Palace Conference Centre is located in the former Apothecaries`Wing on the east side of the extensive palace grounds. Following two years of building and renovation, eight conference and events rooms of various different sizes extending over a total area of 2,700 m2 have been created.

A congenial atmosphere for conferences and meetings

Access to a leafy inner courtyard and to the Orangery Garden provides for relaxing breaks during the focused intensity of conferences, working groups or meetings. The immediate proximity of the palace park and its attractions offers the possibility of combined arrangements within the context of seminars and events. Formerly housing the Cedrat House and the apothecary of the imperial family, this unusual conference venue is today notable for its atmosphere in which intensely focused discussion and debate can go hand in hand with wellbeing and relaxation.


The ambience has been carefully designed to activate the five senses in order to enhance a feeling of wellbeing within the conference centre. This includes numerous optical and haptic elements designed according to the principles of Feng Shui. Variable and coloured lighting can be deployed to create a particular mood and ambience.

Modern design and technology

Contemporary interior design and the latest technology including WLAN access complement the historic architectural fabric. An innovative adiabatic ventilation system ensures a pleasant indoor climate. Cold from evaporation by night cools the rooms on hot days sustainably, without the need for electricity.


Public transport lines:
Underground line U4, station >Schönbrunn<, exit Grünbergstraße
Bus route 10A, stop >Schönbrunn U4< or >Schloß Schönbrunn< Information on the Imperial