Søren Eikers

Danish Ministry of Taxation, Department for "innovation and knowledge sharing"

Age: 40

Master degree in ”Leadership and innovation in complex systems” www.laics.net
Master of science degree in Strategy, Organization and Management

I work as a senior advisor in the Danish Ministry of Taxation in the department for ”innovation and knowledge sharing” and here I have focused on the user involvement in the segment of micro Business (1-10 employees). I have been using art methods, workshop and user involvements to redesign the way the tax authorities interact with the businesses. Right now I am focused on a LEAD-User project inspired by the thoughts of Eric Von Hippel to make it much easier for the business in Denmark to make bookkeeping and accounting in Denmark. This project is now on the stage to go into cross-ministry implementation.


I am also project manager in MindLab with the task to improve the conditions for ”cross ministry user-focused innovation” between the Ministries of Taxation, Employment and Business and growth.