Martin Felix Gajdusek, Msc.

3.1 Evaluation

has earned a MSc in 2001 from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. Since 02/2015 he coordinates the Horizon2020 project Black Sea Horizon, a regional coordination and support action. He coordinated 2011-2014 the SEE-Transnational Cooperation Programme co-funded project Fostering Evaluation competencies in Research, Technology and Innovation in the SEE Region (EVAL-INNO). The project addressed in particular the development of evaluation competencies in the RTDI domain. 2010-2013 he was coordinating the FP7 funded SEE-ERA.NET PLUS involving 17 partners from 14 countries, the largest regional joint funding instrument for research cooperation involving all Western Balkan countries and several other EU MS. Also the monitoring of the joint call and several analytical reports were conducted. He is/was as well involved in the FP7 international cooperation projects IncoNet EECA and IncoNet CA/SC performing analysis on EU cooperation instruments, as well contributing to the improvement of policy relevant S&T indicators through training activities. Moreover, in the follow up projects IncoNet EaP and IncoNet CA he develops a roadmap for cooperation in the evaluation domain of key funding agencies in the ENP countries, organises Policy Mix Peer Reviews and contributes to a thematic benchmarking of RTDI organisations. He is also involved in the FP7 projects DANCERS, MIRRIS and supports the financial administration of the He has been working 2002-2010 in Bulgaria heading the Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office in Sofia facilitating bilateral S&T cooperation Austria-Bulgaria and with the Southeast European countries, focusing particularly on the Western Balkan region. He focuses in his work on the SEE, the EaP and the Central Asian region. He has been employed by the Centre for Social Innovation as a researcher and project coordinator since 2004, following previous employments with a similar topical and regional focus.