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Programme Details: Lectures, workshops, interactive events

On a daily basis information exchange, discussion, and the creation of communication spaces enabling future collaboration will be embedded in the scheduled programme of lectures, workshops and presentations.

The foyer will offer space for informal meetings, facilitated by a poster exhibition of social innovation projects and related organisations. In preparatory stages of the Summer School the organisers will provide support to initiate and stimulate communication among participants and assist with logistics to also contact local social innovators and potential future cooperation partners.

A variety of meetings and workshops, breaks, the charming environment of the buildings and the park area of Schönbrunn palace, and an evening out at a Viennese wine tavern will establish and maintain ample room for socialising.

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Führungskompetenz in Projekten

Objectives: Mutual learning, building bridges, and international networking among practitioners from various fields and social sciences

Main Topics and the programme

Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Josef Hochgerner

Founder and scientific directer ZSI

Basis der praktischen Projektarbeit

Communities of Practice: Social Networking Sites gewinnbringend einsetzen

Dimensionen der praktischen Projektarbeit

Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Josef Hochgerner

1.1 Anwendungsorientierte Forschung und Verhaltensrichtlinien
4.4 Wissenschaftliches Publizieren und Schreiben
5.1 Innovationen in der Wissensgesellschaft

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